Exhibit Items
Digital Printing
Water printers, solvent printers, UV Printers,
Latex Printer, UV Flatbed printers, photo
printers, RIP Softwares, etc.
Digital cutters, CNC processors/carvers,
laser carvers, channel benders, molders,
laminating machines, cutting machines, etc.
LED & Lighting
LED modules, LED lights, SMPS, light
projectors, timers, flurescent lights,
light panels, neon materials, stabilizers,
switches, optic fiber, etc.
Digital Signage
Kiosks, touch panels, electronic displays,
LC screens, interactive media, display,
software, streaming technologies, etc.
Media & Ink
Banner materials, synthetic paper, sheets,
films, flex signage and other
materials for digital printing and
Direct textile printers, transfer printers,
T-Shirt printers, pre/post-process facilities,
transfer print ink, transfer paper, etc.
Signs for shops, interior lights, soft signage,
home textiles, interior films, decor materials,
3D Printing
3D Printers, 3D Scanners, 3D modeling
software, filaments, 3D prinitng applied
products, prototypes, etc.